STUDIO Our highly talented and experienced print design team is based at our offices and studios in Camden, London, and uses the most advanced computer-aided design system available. We will also work with you to develop your own print design and chosen colour palette ready for engraving and printing.
COLLECTION As a John Kaldor client, you will benefit from our JK Collection, which comprises more than 12,000 of our own copyright protected designs. We are constantly producing new and innovative concepts for this in-house collection, in order to meet the changing demands of our clients. When you buy a design from the JK Collection it will be exclusive to your company.
IN-HOUSE SAMPLING Our digital printer helps us to transform flat print computer-aided design images to beautiful prints that come alive on fabric. This system provides you with a fast and flexible response, whether you need small strike-off sizes for initial approval or sample lengths that can then be made into garments in our sample room.